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Container Terminals

Most-Advanced Container Terminals

Container terminals at Island City and Kashii Park Port handle nearly 90% of international marine containers at the Port of Hakata.

Island City Container Terminal currently has a 14m-deep berth and a 15m-deep berth side by side equipped with five gantry cranes and 19 electric-powered transfer cranes. The terminal has been operated as the most-advanced foreign trade container terminal. Hakata Port continues to develop and expand the terminal in stages and aims at making it a world-class environmentally-friendly container terminal.

Kashii Park Port Container Terminal is equipped with two 13m-deep berths side by side and four gantry cranes. The adjacent International Cargo Inspection Center is equipped with Kyushu’s first large x-ray inspection apparatus, further enhancing its distribution function.

The container terminals at Island City and Kashii Park Port operate around the clock for 364 days a year and are integrally managed via the IT system. The terminals handled some 820,000TEUs in 2014.

Island City

ISLAND CITY Container Terminal
Total area 31.0ha
Berth Overall Length: 680m
Berth Depth: -14m x 1 berth
         -15m x 1 berth
Container Cranes Maximum Permitted Load: 40.6tons
5 units
Outreach: 50m
Storage Capacity 19,264TEU
Dry Container Slot:4,816TEU
Reefer plug 336plugs
Cargo Handling System 19 RTG (6 fully-electric RTG)
Electricity supplied by Conductor Bar System
Terminal Bldg A two-story building of steel frame structure
total floor area : 850m2
Maintenance Shop Total floor area : 1,065m2

Layout of Island City Container Terminal

Kashii Park Port

KASHII PARK PORT Container Terminal
Total area 22.3ha
Berth Overall Length: 600m
    Depth: -13m
Container crane Maximum permitted load   40.6t
4 units
Outreach: 44m x 2 cranes
       47m x 2 cranes
Storage Capacity 8,964TEU
Dry Container Slot: 2,988TEU
Reefer plug   300 plugs
Cargo Handling System 17 Straddle carriers(5 hybrid carriers)
Terminal Bldg four-story building of reinforced concrete construction
Maintenance Shop Total floor area: 1,193m2

Layout of Kashii Park Port Container Terminal


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