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Industry and Economy of Kyushu

Evolving Industrial Economy of Kyushu

The population of Kyushu Island and Yamaguchi Prefecture is approximately 15 million, which accounts for over 11% of the total population of Japan. And the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is about 50 trillion yen, which is as much as that of countries such as Belgium and Sweden.

Port of Hakata and Fukuoka Airport's share of Kyushu's total trade value in 2014

Nominal Gross Domestic Product of Fukuoka City in Fiscal 2012

Annual Sales Share of Wholesale Industry in 2012

Annual Sales Share of Retail Industry in 2012

Changes in Value of Imports and Exports (Hakata Port)
Changes in Value of Imports and Exports at Hakata Port

Automobile Related Industries Rubber Products
More and more automobile-related industries have been established and expanded in Fukuoka Prefecture. Among the items exported from Hakata Port, rubber products account for about 30%.

Fukuoka City: Trade Center of Kyushu

Fukuoka is surpassed only by Tokyo and Osaka in terms of its high concentration of international economic exchange organizations such as diplomatic missions and trade centers, deepening relations with foreign cities at the administrative level.

<Diplomatic Missions and Economic Organizations in Fukuoka>
  • Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea in Fukuoka
  • Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Fukuoka
  • Australian Consulate-General, Fukuoka
  • Consulate-General of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Fukuoka
  • American Consulate Fukuoka
  • Fukuoka American Center
  • Korean Integrated Education Center
  • Institut francais du Japon - Kyushu
  • Korea National Tourism Organization in Fukuoka
  • Korea Trade Center, Fukuoka
  • Thai Trade Center, Fukuoka
  • Tourism Authority of Thailand, Fukuoka Office
  • UN-HABITAT Fukuoka Office
  • Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Osaka,Fukuoka branch
  • Taiwan Trade Center, Fukuoka